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WHY join the Media and Journalism Webinars?


Meet professional journalists from around the world


Learn from renown journalists with practical knowledge and experience


Transfer knowledge and skills into practice through research


Get experiential learning through hands-on journalism project


Write and publish news article on blogs and social media


Protect press freedom, human rights and democratic values


Build a network of journalists and young professionals


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"I am so happy that I was able to attend the webinar series. Aside from learning a lot, it was a phenomenal networking experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about media and communications." The webinar series was a passport to listening and speaking with brilliant minds in Africa and around the world. The webinars' access to panelists of diverse backgrounds and locations is what made it captivating, so the international element was most impressive. Furthermore, the fact that we, as journalists, are working together for the common cause of ensuring press freedom as a public good made the experience irreplaceable.”
Melanie Formosa
Journalism Student / Stony Brook University / USA
"The Journalism & Media Webinars was an outstanding programme that allowed me to learn from expert journalists, and network with a diverse group of students and professionals from all around the globe. Enhancing my knowledge and understanding of topics, such as Human Rights, Press Freedom, and Reporting on Conflict, while listening to the stories and experiences of internationally renowned journalists was a fascinating journey, to say the least. I witnessed the collective aspiration of all the participants towards a brighter and fairer future and the way journalists can contribute to it, regardless of cultural or social background. The knowledge and connections I have acquired throughout the past three weeks will definitely have a great effect on my future career in journalism. A huge thank you to JWF for this unforgettable opportunity!"
Anna Kamocsai
Journalism graduate / University of Westminster, UK / Hungary & Slovakia
"I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this Webinar. It has been an eye-opener and a great experience. I have not only learnt from the best, but also been geared up to use my skills and platforms to push for freedom and change in my country. "
Mphatso Nankwawa
Journalist, Trans World Radio, Malawi
"I am truly excited to be a member of the JWF Media and Journalism Webinar for 2023 and I must mention that it has been a wonderful and insightful experience for me as a person and as a journalist. I got to know about JWF back in 2022 and fortunately, my application was accepted this year. It is a session worth experiencing. "
Mahbubat Salahudeen
"I'm thrilled to have joined the JWF Media and Journalism Webinars 2023, gaining valuable knowledge in media, journalism, war and conflict reporting, and human rights. The sessions provided comprehensive insights into reporting challenges and equipped me with effective storytelling tools. Engaging discussions and expert speakers broadened my perspective, inspiring me to use media for raising awareness and advocating positive change. I wholeheartedly recommend these webinars to media enthusiasts passionate about these important topics."
Md Zamir Hasan
"I want to learn about journalism because I’m new to this job. I received an invitation to JWF Media and Journalism Webinars and I don’t hesitate to join this program. I’m so happy to be part of these webinars. I learned a lot of new perspectives. "
Ismail Kayar
Turkey, Egypt
"I am very happy to participate in JWF Media and Journalism Webinars 2023. Each of the 5 sessions of this webinar was very useful JWF's webinar sessions can be A great area for networking in journalism. The speakers of each session gave a great idea of ​​journalism. I want to join international journalism. So Every session in this webinar was very important for me. “STORYTELLING AND THE POWER OF MEDIA - TO REVEAL THE TRUTH” -this session was more important for me. From this session I was able to gain knowledge to do international journalism. This webinar can be a good platform for those who want to establish themselves in journalism, or those who are struggling to survive in journalism despite various adversities. "
Farhana Nila
Journalist/News Now Bangla/Bangladesh
"As an ambitious young Zimbabwean journalist who always seeks to improve himself, but sometimes falls short in terms of training due to lack of funding, it was a great opportunity to be part of this year (2023)’s JWF Media and Journalism Webinars. Thank you, Journalists and Writers Foundation, for the scholarship to be part of the valuable certificate program. There is nothing that is as aspiring, refreshing and absorbing as having an opportunity to be trained by communication and journalism gurus from across the globe. It was a great learning and networking experience that I really enjoyed and was inspired as a young journalist to be an advocate of press freedom who really understands the role of the media in promoting and protecting human rights. I appreciate all the presenters for the webinars as they demonstrated greater understanding and knowledge of the communication and journalism topics. Through the training, I was provided with profound information on up-to-date trend topics through hands-on learning from the intensive workshops, webinars, mentorship and interactive discussions with professional journalists for hands-on field experience. I don’t hesitate to recommend the JWF Media and Journalism Webinars to anyone who wants to learn more about the ever-evolving communication and journalism industry. Once again, thank you so much Journalists and Writers Foundation for a great learning experience. It is with great enthusiasm that I hope to be considered as a beneficiary for more Journalists and Writers Foundation trainings "
Winstone Antonio
Journalist Zimbabwe
"This training is very interesting, practical and useful! Transformative, impactful discussions and insights from professionals all over the word. I have learnt so much during this time from amazing journalists from all around the globe sharing resources, education and entertaining. I really enjoyed and was inspired as a young journalist to be an advocate of press freedom who really understands the role of the media in promoting and protecting human rights. "
Nnachi Orji Chinonso
VideoJournalist & Editor Rapid Broadcasting Network Nigeria
"I was honored to participate in the JWF Media and Journalism Webinars 2023. These diverse panel discussions provided me with invaluable insight into the work of journalists and media members, covering topics such as press freedom, media storytelling, and reporting from conflict zones in an engaging question and answer format that allows full audience participation. I am grateful to the speakers and program organizers for providing inspiring stories of journalism career journeys, as well as invaluable practical information about best practices and safeguarding for reporters. I would highly recommend this program to anyone pursuing a career in journalism, advocacy for press freedom, storytelling, or the media industry. "
Fiona Brown
"Learning is such a blissful opportunity. I must say that the JWF Media and Journalism Webinar was indeed insightful and impactful for me especially as a young journalist. The sessions were creatively impactful and enlightening as the challenges of media practitioners from all and sundry were explained. The stories of human right abuse, lack of press freedom, and reporting in the midst of violence have made me more passionate about this wonderful profession. Amidst the challenges, I learnt the importance of reporting credible, accurate, and verified news whilst being careful and abiding to ethical standards. I also learnt the right format of news reporting/Storytelling as well as the power of the media to tell the truth at all times. Furthermore, it was a phenomenal experience to learn from experienced minds in Africa, America, and from around the world. I hope to further network with these amazing tutors and professionals who have shared their experience in the media. Thanks to the team for the insightful tutelage. I appreciate the opportunity to learn immensely from the sessions. Indeed, the JWF Webinar was wonderful. "
Adegboyega Oluwaremilekun Adeleye
"Participating in the JWF Academy webinar series was truly an awe-inspiring experience. It offered us an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from various corners of the globe. Immersed in the sessions, I felt an incredible sense of camaraderie within the journalist community, fostering a deep sense of solidarity. It reminded me that I am not alone in my quest for journalism freedom; together, we are united, fighting tirelessly in our respective capacities."
Tehreem Azeem
PhD scholar, Communication University of China, Beijing, China

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