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Session 4 Contemporary Challenges to Protect Media Freedom and Combating Violence against Journalists

6 July 2023, Tuesday at 10:00 - 11:30 AM (EST)

The Media and Journalism Webinars is an online certificate program organized by the Journalist and Writers Foundation (JWF) to equip aspiring journalists and media professionals with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to excel in their careers. These webinars provide a unique opportunity for participants to engage in interactive discussions, learn from seasoned journalists, and gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of media and journalism. With a focus on promoting freedom of speech, press freedom, and democracy, the webinars delve into crucial topics such as human rights, responsible journalism, and the impact of technology on the media landscape.

Through mentorship, hands-on training, and thought-provoking conversations, the Media and Journalism Webinars empower participants to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape and make a meaningful impact in the field. In its 4th year of this virtual certificate program, JWF hosted participants of young journalists and media members from 29 different countries as well as 11 notable expert speakers from 6 countries.

In the fourth session of the JWF Media and Journalism Webinars, participants from 29 different countries, including young journalists, media professionals, and civil society members, converged to address one of the most pressing issues in today’s media landscape: combating violence against journalists and upholding press freedom amidst growing challenges worldwide. The session highlighted the importance of the topic, recognizing the critical role journalists play in reporting essential news and uncovering the truth. With violence against journalists on the rise, the session aimed to shed light on the obstacles faced by media professionals and explore ways to protect press freedom and ensure the free flow of information.