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27 May 2024 | Monday | 10am - 11:30 am (EST)

Session 1: Training: Risk Assessment and Managing Boundaries for Journalists Covering Conflicts

Media and Journalism Webinars emphasize experiential and hands-on learning through intensive training and interactive discussions with professional journalists for field experience. This program aims to prepare journalism students and young professionals to succeed in their professional careers while fostering experiential learning by translating knowledge and skills into experience. Your active and meaningful participation with questions and reflections will make the discussion more productive.


In this session, participants will be able to learn about the following topics from professional journalists and media personalities: 


  • Practical safety fundamentals for journalists and media professionals working in conflict zones
  • Identifying new digital risks threatening the safety and mental well-being of journalists 
  • Trauma and stress management
  • Managing professional boundaries to prevent burnout


Abeer Saady

Safety of Journalists Consultant

Former Vice President – International Association of Women in Radio and Television